To Ninka and Mostafa And The Dead Sailers

It was the second anniversary of my friends Mostafa and Ninka. Mostafa is a an iranian and Ninka is a Dutch girl, who is so beatefull and educated person, that working on her MA on art. Mostafa is a promising filmmaker and working for Radio Zamaneh as a sound manager and film editor.

We were dinking all the night celebrating thear marriage. That’s not the point. The point is, when you light your cigarette with the candle light, in Dutch they have an expretion for it. They say, that a sailor had died just when you light your cigarette with the candle or matches. So, I am so sorry for so many countless sailors, who lost thear lives, when we light our cigarettes with a candle light at  the bar. That is a Ditch expretion, but thanks God, we are not Dutch! God bless the sailors.

I am not a Dutch person, but I really want to know, that  if there was no sailor, who lost thear lives tonight. I just wanted to have some fun with a cigarettes and red wine. That’s all.

I wish you , Ninka and Mostafa,  long years of live and happiness together! And more of expretion like: ‘medonom, ammo namgom!’ in Mashadi dialect.

What I like in Ninka is that she is intelligent and with a balanced flesh in her curvy height of body. Beatefull and happy! Isn’t it what we want? 

One thought on “To Ninka and Mostafa And The Dead Sailers

  1. منـوچهــر

    عزیزا گرمی کلام دیرین و سمرقند همچو قند امشب بار دیگر جان و دلی درمانده از بیداد را به وجد آورد. طعم آوارگی تلخ و سخت جان‌کاه است و آزارنده.مزه‌ی غم‌های مانده بر جا نیز چنین است. طعم و بوی خون‌های ماسیده بر دیواره‌های دلم شور است و جان‌آزارشش بی‌شمار؟ با همه‌ی این‌ها ایرانی‌ام. مانده‌ام چنین تا شاید در بازپسن نفس‌هایم اریانی بودن و پارسی‌گویم را فریاد زنم و برای آخرین بار دیدار از خاک بوی خوش و گرمش را به تمامیت وسعتش و با مردمام رنگ به رنگ به یاد و خاطر جان بسپارم. مردمانی که بوی خوش هم‌جواری‌شان را در این غربت به شیرینی و تمامیت عشقم آرزومندم
    عشق و سرافرازی عشق را برایت آرزومندم


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